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Paprika-narandzasta-OBZ Peper Habanero Oranje-OBZ660580

Botanical name: Capsicum chinense

EAN code:8710796605809

Contents: approx. 10 zdn

Dimensions in cm:12.7x7.9x0.05

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OBZ (Oranjeband zaden
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Paprika-narandzasta-OBZ Peper Habanero Oranje-OBZ660580

This pepper is very hot (100,000-350,000 Scoville). The habanero

Originates from South America, this orange variety specifically from

the Yucatán Peninsula. The 2½cm long and 4cm wide pepper is

wrinkled, thin-walled and has a special aroma.

Note: Use gloves when handling and preparing these

orange pepper.

Sowing: sow indoors in a greenhouse or outdoors from January

open ground from May. Soak the seeds in warm water for 12 hours

promote germination. Do not sow too deeply in good and moist soil

sowing soil. Keep a distance of 70x50cm between the plants.

After a few weeks, transplant into deep pots and in a sunny position

place in a sheltered place. Accompany the plant with rope or (tonkin)

sticks. The plant grows to approximately 120cm in height.

Harvest: after 90-120 days. Harvest the peppers by cutting them with scissors

cut from the plant.

Product features

  Extremely hot pepper

  The most famous chili pepper

  SHU from 200000 to 300000


Sowing time indoors from February

Sowing time indoors until May

July harvest time

Harvest time until October

Seed Characteristics

Seeds per gram 150

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