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Seed packets-Zadenpakket 'Startende moestuin'-BS91002

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Are you a novice or less experienced vegetable gardener? Then this seed package is perfect for you. With the organic vegetables in this package and the handy cultivation tips from the included booklet, success is assured in your vegetable garden! The vegetables in this package do not make many demands on the soil, fertilization and location. Moreover, these are all short crops, with which you achieve quick results throughout the entire vegetable garden season. The booklet you receive is 'Ecological gardening for beginners', in which you quickly become acquainted with the basics of ecological gardening. In short: this package is ideal for starting vegetable gardeners.

package contents

This pack contains 12 sachets of the following types:

- Rucola 'Esmee' (5 grams for min. 9 m2)

- Batavian lettuce 'Blonde de Paris' (1 gram for min. 30 m2)

- Chard 'Five Colors' (8 grams for min. 6 m2)

- Kale 'Westland Winter' (1 gram for min. 30 m2)

- Standard green bean 'Domino' (50 grams for min. 10 m2)

- Zucchini 'Black Beauty' (3 grams for min. 6 m2)

- Pumpkin 'Uchiki Kuri' (3 grams for min. 8 m2)

- Radish 'Cherry Belle' (10 grams for min. 2 m2)

- Beetroot 'Kogel 2' (8 grams for min. 5 m2)

- Onion 'Red Baron' (4 grams for min. 15 m2)

- Summer carrot 'Nantes 2' (6 grams for min. 18 m2)

- Rice pea 'Senator' (75 grams for min. 8 m2)

- Vegetable garden book, ecological gardening for beginners

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