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Cabbage Red-Rode kool - Kiemgroente Brassica oleracea-HS-0704 9010

Seed weight (indication): 350 seeds per gram

Plant height: 3-5 cm

Position: sun-partial shade

EAN code: 8717202604296

Bag size: 125x153 mm

Contents of bag: 25 grams

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Cabbage Red-Rode kool - Kiemgroente Brassica oleracea-BS9045

Micro Herbs/Red Cabbage Sprouts have beautiful red and green sprout stems and a true cabbage flavor. This micro-herb/sprout has a high decorative and nutritional value.

Cultivation of Germs:

In our assortment, we have a very convenient germination container (click here) for growing sprouts. Growing is very easy with this container/jar!

Fill the sprouting container with tap water to the bottom of the grid.

Sprinkle a thin layer of seeds evenly and with little space between them on the grid.

Store the seed container at room temperature, in a bright place, but not in direct sunlight.

Check the water level daily and top up the grate if necessary. As long as the seeds have not yet sprouted roots, they should remain moist, but not soaked.

After two days, the seed is attached to the trellis by its germinal root and you can change the cloudy water.

Continue to check the water level daily. The roots of the sprouts should be in water, but keep the seedlings dry. This reduces the risk of mold problems.

The radicles above the mesh may look a bit fuzzy. It looks like a fungal fiber, but it's usually root hairs. Root hairs grow in a nice circle from the taproot and disappear when you moisten them with a plant sprayer.

After 9 to 13 days, the seedlings are 3 to 5 cm long and can be harvested. Cut them with scissors just above the grid.

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