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Tušt (portulak)-Summer purslane Portulaca oleracea-BS2040

Seed weight: 2000 seeds per gram

Plant height: 20-40 cm

Position: sun

EAN code: 8717202601059

Bag size: 75x123 mm

Contents of the bag: 4 grams (enough for 8m2)

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Tušt (purslane)-Zomerpostelein Portulaca oleracea-BS2040

Portulaca or purslane (Portulaca oleracea L.) is an annual plant from the portulacaceae family. The stem is very branched, lying close to the ground and growing in width, giving off shoots in all directions. The branches are red-brown, fleshy and juicy, grow up to 30 cm in length. The leaves are alternate, oval, obovate, sessile, smooth, thick and fleshy. The flowers are tiny and yellowish in color, placed singly or in 2-3 in the axils of the leaves. They only last a few hours during a sunny morning. Small, black but numerous seeds (10,000 per plant!) are produced in small quivers. It germinates after a period of dormancy in the second year in the spring, but retains the ability to germinate even after 40 years.

The shower is originally from India, but today it is spread almost all over the world. It is cultivated in some places, but it is mostly found in sunny places on fertile and sandy lands, as a weed on arable land and in gardens, from the lowlands to 800 m above sea level.

In our country, its cultivation is not popular, but if it is a year with lots of sun and warm days, it often grows wild. It has all the characteristics of a weed - it is resistant to temperature differences, drought, tolerates poor soils and grows very quickly. We sow the seeds in the spring as soon as the soil warms up. Lightly cover it with soil and keep it moist. Viti tusta will take root independently wherever they are given the opportunity. So they can be transplanted if we want.

The entire aerial plant is collected. Leaves and stems are best harvested before flowering. They are most often used raw as a salad or cooked, but they can also be preserved. Flowers and seeds are also edible, the seeds can be ground into flour.

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